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VRR Media Enterprises Inc.

Established in 2016, VRR Media Enterprises Inc has always stood for empowerment and teaching as opposed to telling. How incredible would it be if every small/medium business felt comfortable with digital marketing basics? Or knew the power of commenting back to their community on social media? At VRR Media, we believe that all the smoke and mirrors can be taken down, and creating and maintaining a digital presence is attainable.

Brand Consulting Services in Etobicoke

VRR Media Enterprises services are offered on a consulting basis. Your appointment can cover a variety of questions or topics relating to digital media, your brand identity, or next steps you’re looking to take to elevate your current efforts. You will never feel alone or in the dark. We are here to talk through the simple things and the not so simple things. We are skilled with working with clients of all digital marketing literacy levels and by the end of our session, you’ll feel like a digital marketing GURU! Here are some examples of services we can and have offered to our clients.

Avoid BURN OUT with a PLAN

Download my FREE 30 Day Story Prompts and be ready to hit the ground running with 30 ready to go prompts. Think less, post more. 


A Focus on Wellness

Thriving with supporting SMBs in the wellness, beauty and metaphysical industries

Let's tell the story of your business together.

Allow me to step into your world and help make a little more sense about what's going on in the digital sphere. I'll be able to work through the nuances of your business with my background in communications, digital consulting, and metaphysical/spiritual practices 


A Strategy for Every Budget

Brand Development &


Content Strategy &

Content Pillar

Web Design &

Online Best Practices

Social Media 101

(The Set Up)

Social Media 201

(Ongoing Growth)

Event &

In Person Experiences

Virtual Sessions with Follow Ups

The beauty of consultations is that we can address exactly what you need right now. It doesn't matter which stage of your business you're in, we can sit down and figure out an action plan to get you to the next level. 

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