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Digital Marketing & Brand Consultant

VictoriaRose Regan

Find It Difficult to Pin Point Your Path?

Well I have, especially when your skills have been tested in such a vast amount of positions and industries. But I love a good challenging mental puzzle! There have been a few strings that have pulled my path together; storytelling, connection, and education. In my first retail position I had my first encounter with connecting with people of all kinds and giving them space to let me into their world. It was also the first time I was exposed to storytelling. I was able to hear what my clients were saying and seamlessly weave them into a narrative where the product (in this case it was clothing), matched and elevated their story. It wasn’t until a few years later that my eyes and ears were peeled to not only the story I created on the floor with my clients, but the story that the brand wanted to portray and how that wove into my daily life. A gift was no longer a gift, but a message that I was able to help write with my client for their loved ones. This gift was hand picked and made to be special from the level of trust built between us, client and associate. 


A Story-Teller with Lots To Say

As my retail experience blended with my undergraduate education in media production, I was able to continue storytelling through different mediums. A picture says a thousand words had never been so true. Learning about audience perception and the power of visual and audio elements was exactly what this storyteller needed to rocket into what was next. 


Post grad and hungry for work I landed a gig as a web designer, with no formal training, but a whole lot of trust in my ability to translate customer experience into a digital experience. This experience, although it felt brief in the grand scheme of things, planted a seed of ability in my mind that came back later down the line, but I’m skipping ahead. 


With all these ideas swirling around in my head, I decided to jump off the deep end

I began to dig deeper into my passion for education. I started VRR Media Enterprises Inc. The intention behind this company was for me to find a way to elevate the small/medium businesses (SMBs). I wanted the yoga studios, coffee shops, beautician salon, all to have someone to turn to who could talk them through the mystical world of digital marketing. I wanted to not just give these SMBs a fish to eat for one night, but teach them to fish so they can feed themselves for life. Running your own business taught me so much about budgeting and time management and boundaries (boy did I need a hard lesson in that) and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


Retail shot back into my path again, but this time with a brand story I could not ignore. Empowering, wellness and growth based. This is where my roots in team management and education started to dig in. I was able to take my knowledge of people’s perception and work it into an environment where I used it on not only clients, but my peers. This was where the power of education and passing along knowledge became so important and I helped my team grow to new heights personally and professionally. This was the part of my journey where my people management, leadership, and communication skills were honed. 

Now I am at a pivotal sweet spot, where I’m able to educate SMBs through my posts and consultations

Digital Marketing

My Top 5 Digital Marketing Skills

Brand Development & Consistence

Social Media

UX & Web Design


Balance of Creative & Analytical Thinking

Working alongside a company who is also passionate about SMBs and continue my own learning journey. 

People Management

My Top 5 People Management Skill

Vulnerable Leadership

Creative Conflict Resolution

Focus on Team Growth

Clear Communication

Trust & Support Building

Let's work together!

I know we just met, but we have so much more to talk about

Projet Management

My Top 5 Project Management Skills

Critical Thinking

Problem Solving

Process Development & Management

Scheduling & Time Management

Creating & Executing Critical Paths 

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