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5 Tips On How To Make Networking Easier

One of the biggest assets you can have in an ever-changing industry (or any industry) is connections. When you have a circle of people who you trust, and who trusts you, things will become a lot easier. Need an investor? Done. Need someone to hook you up with a venue? Done. Need someone to talk to who has ‘been there, done that’? Done.

Now i know what you’re thinking. Networking is hard. How do you find these people, and when you find them HOW DO YOU KEEP THEM? Fear not, because I’ve made a list.

  1. Don’t think too much, just listen to what the person is saying. You will instinctively know if this person can be a support for you down the road pretty quickly if you stop trying to tell your story, and listen to theirs.

  2. Listen to them. Yes I’m sort of repeating myself, but this is important. Really listen to them and absorb what they’re saying. Even if they’re not someone you can work with immediately, you never know down the road what will happen.

  3. Get them digits! (or other form of communication). This is to ensure you have the opportunity to reach out to them in the future or vice versa. And if asking for a number or an email makes you uncomfortable, see if you can get an instagram handle, or facebook friend request. This is a great way to stay up to date on what their doing, which leads me to…

  4. Keep them up to date on what you’re doing. Shoot them a message, email, text, phone call, whatever you are most comfortable with, and give them an update on your business. There is way to make this sound casual, trust me. Treat it like you’re reaching out to a friend you haven’t seen in awhile. Not too casual, but friendly and to the point. If you want to meet with them in person to discuss further, then say that. If you want them to check out the updates on your website, then please please PLEASE make sure you paste your url in the message

  5. Turn on your notifications on instagram (Or other platform). Why? Because when they post something, you can be one of the first people to like and leave a meaningful comment showing them that you’re interested in what they’re doing. And hopefully they’ll do it back.

See, it’s not so hard. It’s like our teachers taught us in kindergarten, treat others the way you want to be treated. And who knows, maybe this person you’re trying to network with also read this article… wouldn’t that be something.

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