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5 Ways To Avoid The BURN OUT 🤯

No one ever said being an entrepreneur was the EASY WAY. Yes your schedule is flexible, yes you can work from home (but so is everyone else right now ...), yes you control every aspect of your business.

On the flip side, you control EVERY part of your business. Let’s think about what that means. You are R&D, production, fulfillment, support, web maintenance, marketing team, HR, finance and more. So when it comes to posting on social media when you already feel #overwhelmed it can feel like the easy step to skip.

When working to engage with my community (you lovely business owners and change makers), there are a couple things I keep in mind.

1. Post at my own pace. As long as it’s consistent to me, it doesn’t need to be everyday.

2. Set boundaries. What time will you stop working at, close the laptop/phone and be present with loved ones.

3. Take time to reset. On those ‘off hours’ do something that revitalizes your mind and body. I like to read, meditate and take a warm bath 🛁

4. Quality Over Quantity. This is related to tip 1, but take the time to compose a post that is meaningful to your community, even if it’s only one a week.

5. Ask for help. When it comes down to it, we CAN’T do it all ourselves. So when you’re feeling those intense growing pains lean on assistants, accountants, and coaches to help you through your obstacles.

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