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5 Tips to Staying Motivated

There comes a time in every busy mind’s life where you need the mind chatter to stop so you can focus on a task at hand. Sometimes this seems impossible, which leads to an overwhelming feeling of panic that you’re not going to be able to meet your deadline on time, in turn making you feel powerless against your own mind and out of time-

Now if you’re reading this because you are at that point of feeling powerless, let me just grab you out of that dark hole and give you some tips to stay out…at least long enough to finish whatever it is you’ve been wanting to finish.

1. Breathe- How novice of me to suggest breathing. But let me elaborate by saying; breathe mindfully and with the intention of bringing more oxygen to your brain and to steady your quickening heart rate.

2. Find a source of meditation/visualization- The best way to stay out of the powerless dark hole is to go to a place of serenity, which could be just about anywhere OTHER than the hole.

3. Break the spell- if visualization hasn’t worked it magic on you then your next option is to break away. The hole has a captivating way about it and it can lure you in closer and closer. Don’t fall to the siren’s call, break away by identifying that you’re feeling powerless and you don’t want to any more.

4. Break the silence- say it out loud, I am ready to focus, I am not powerless to my busy mind, and I can complete the task at hand. Not only will this snap you out of your hazed look, but also will, for a moment, silence the chatter in your head.

5. Write a list- at the end of the day it’s about acknowledging the little things, so make a list of all the things you accomplished today, no matter how small, and know that there is always tomorrow.

Paint a picture of the possibilities for the client. Bring them through your eyes, something in their life that they can relate to.

Be aware, when you’re enjoying something, why are you enjoying it? This is mindfulness.

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