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Self-Employed Brainstorm Session-Jan 2018 Recap

I had​ the undeniable pleasure of meeting with a few people within my network who are working as entrepreneurs/self-employed. This was the first workshop VRR Media has held, and it will be the first of many!

The purpose of this session was to create a safe, open space, to discuss obstacles in the entrepreneur's life. Being in a room of other entrepreneurs made SO MUCH SENSE because we're all on similar paths, and will run into similar obstacles. Being able to speak about these obstacles with these people made for some great brainstorming.

Some things we touched on during this session were; contracts and why they're important, how to describe what you do for a living to other people, Instagram strategies for more followers using posts and stories, timely communication with clients and how to create a safe space for yourself, as well as assessing for yourself (and for your clients) which platforms you should be on as a brand.

It was so great to hear where everyone is in their journey, and how we all had something to suggest, or input to give, to all the topics brought up.

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